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Model No.: XS450II XS700II
Laser cutter fume extractor systems specifically designed for industrial processes that generate laser fumes. The smoke generated during the laser cutting process is actually comprised of very fine dust particles that can harm workers and equipment. These particulate contaminants can be properly controlled with our high-efficiency fume and dust collectors.

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XS450II,XS700 Laser marking fume extractor are upgrade design from XS450,XS700. The one-piece filter combination life span is much longer.You don’t need to replace the filters often.
Technical Details

Model XS450II XS700II
Power 450W 700W
Noise <62 dB <65 dB
Systemic Flow 650 m3/h 750m3/h
Filter Layer 3 3
Filter Size Fire prevention mesh:  388 x 229 x 50mm;
 Pocket Filter: 267 x 380mm; 18 layers
 One-piece Filter Combination: 450 x 370 x 300mm;
Fire prevention mesh: 388 x 230 x 50mm;
 Pocket Filter: 410 x 380mm; 18 layers
 One-piece Filter Combination: 450 x 370 x 300mm;
Gross Weight 100kg 120kg
Cabinet Dimensions 665 x 490 x 985mm 665 x 490 x 1135mm
Package Dimensions Body:68 x 59 x 116cm
Tube kits: 40 x 21 x 28cm
Body:68 x 58 x 131cm
Tube kits: 40 x 21 x 28cm
Filtering Efficiency 0.3um 99.97%
Electrical 110V / 220V
Remote Control Included
Duct Dimension Diameter 100mm x Length 2 meters
Packing List Main Unit:  1 piece
Power Cord: 1 piece
Flexible Hose: 1 piece
Operation Instruction: 1 piece
Fire prevention mesh: 1 piece (inside machine)
Pocket Filter: 1 piece (inside machine)
One-piece Filter Combination: 1 piece (inside machine)
Remote Control: 1 piece (inside machine)

XS450 laserfumeextractor (1)

XS450 laserfumeextractor (2)


1. Laser cutting fume extractor with metal body structure, strong and durable;
2. Microcomputer chips control, intelligent digital display, with remote control;
3. Multiple-filter design ensures thorough purification;
4. Brush-less DC motor with stable performance, long life span.
5. Special alloy impeller, anti-corrosion, stable and reliable operation, large air absorption.
6. Fume Dust Smoke Collector and filtration, odor filtration..

XS450 laserfumeextractor (5)

Soldering, Laser cutting, Laser Marking, Laser Carving, Laser Engraving, Chemical Lab, Beauty Salon, Moxibustion, 3D printing.



Filters Introduction:

Fire Prevention Mesh
(for Repeat use)laser (1)
Intercept & prevent the spark from machine inside to cause the risk of spontaneous combustion & explosion.Open the cover & load the fire prevention mesh. The stainless steel mesh should be cleaned regularly (normally once a week), the dust attached should be blown off with an ion air gun, and then cleaned with water (ordinary detergent) or alcohol. Wait completely dried and used again.Forbidden to use strong alkali and acid chemicals (banana oil, washing water, etc.) for cleaning.
Pocket Filter
(for Repeat use)laser (3)
Filter visible over PM5 particles, open the cover to set up pocket filter, when it's full of dust significantly affect the suction force, immediately clean it.The pocket filter can be used repeatedly (For sticky dust, recommended replacement period is 3~5 months)
Cleaning precautions: should knock the pocket filter to pour out the dust, do not use air gun & water cleaning, avoid static electricity caused flammable & explosion!
One-piece Filter Combination
(Suggest 3-6 months)laser (2)
Filter & intercept 0.3 micron particles, absorb toxic and harmful gases and peculiar smell.The filter installation indicator arrow faces down, it is placed in the lower layer of the dust filter;When the filter obviously cannot effectively remove the odor contained in the smoke, please replace the filter.

However, the filters replacement period can be adjusted as per the exact pollutants generated in different Environment;

Good Quality

Our products go from design to production to final product. Each working procedure is strictly controlled, we make really effective fume extractors only. The filtering efficiency of our fume extractors has reached the highest standard in the world.

No Production Process No Production Process No Production Process
1 rty
Raw Materials
2 utyuty
Laser Cutting
3 tyutyu
Assembly Parts
4 bcvxbvc
Laser Marking
5 vcghd
6 utyur
Aging Test
7 terter
QA Function Check
8 ytreytr
9 grtert
Packed Goods

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