High-precision Multi-functional Dispensing Barrel glue syringe dispensing controller with a foot

Model No.: B-A6 Epoxy Dispenser



Semi-automatic Epoxy Dispensing Machine is a relatively simple dispensing machine equipment, composed of a foot switch and a dispensing controller. orking principle is the controller to adjust the size of the air pressure and the glue time setting, a foot switch control glue break glue. Our Semi-automatic Dispensing Tips are small,save space. Normally package 2pcs into one carton ( Package size: 30*26*30 cm, gross weight: 5.5kg). The dispensing Nozzles,dispensing Barrel, glue dispensing valve and Stainless Steel Dispensing Needles are consumables which can buy from us directly.This is more convenient and save your time. Dispensing accuracy requires high speed, stability, operability and durability.

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The Semi-automatic Liquid Dispensing Machine are easy to move because of its small dimension. There are main body, pedal plate, wupply power, air tube, dispensing barrel and needle, holder. It has vacuum suction function to prevent the automatic dripping phenomenon when the glue is relatively thin.

Technical Details

Model B-A6
Power 1 2 W
Air Source Max 0.99 Mpa
Time Setting 0.01-99.99s; 0.001-9.999s
Control Mode Manual/16 freely set modes
Repetitive Accuracy ±0.01%
Dispensing Frequency >1000/min
Min. Dispensing Volume 0.0001ml
Dimension 235mm  x 225mm  x 63m m
Weight 3kg


High-precision (1)

High-precision (10)

High-precision (3)

High-precision (6)

High-precision (7)

High-precision (8)

High-precision (9)

High-precision (12)


1.High-Precision Multi-functional
2.Dispensing glue amount stablely and accuratly
3.Suitable for a wide range type glue
4.Small dimension, light weight, save space.
5.Precise gear ration pump can supply glue continuously.
6.Suitable for frequent operation, reduce operation intensity
7.The glue time can be set freely during dispensing.
8.Economic price, convenient and practical.


Dispensing controller is suitable for all areas of industrial production: Mobile phone, button printing, switch connector, computer digital products, digital camera, MP3, MP4, electronic toys, horn buzzer, electronic components, integrated circuit board, LCD screen, relay, loudspeaker, LED lamp, mechanical parts seal, etc.

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