M1000 automatic tape dispenser With 220V electronic tape dispenser

Model No : M1000


Feature :

1.Adjust the tape length freely.
2.With the length setting memory function.

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Plug the Power Cord.
Turn the Power Switch ON.(TAPE LENGTH display indicates 5)
Set the tape on the center of the reel and stick the end of the tape of the upper surface of the feed roller. Hold the FORWARD key depressed until the tape end comes out of the tape outlet on pressing the tape lightly with your finger. If the tape not feed freely and/or is in excess of “1”in width ,use the following procedure. Fold 1/3 to 1/2 of the leading edge of the tape of form a triangles cape with adhesive side contact and feed into roller until dispensing being. Press the CUT key to cut the end of the tape.
Set the tape length Keep pressing the key set the tape length for tapes with 0-9mm .Keep pressing the key to set the tape length with 1-99cm. (In case ofusing by auto feed, set the tape length within 0.5~20cm).
Set the “Pressure” knob according to the type of tape. Usually set to S(SOFT).If the pressure” knob setting makes the tape curl, turn the index toward (H).
Move the Sensor Switch ON. Then, the tape at the setting length will come out. And when the tape at the outlet is removed ,the next tape will come out.
In case of not using, turn the Sensor Switch Cutter Unit OFF, without fail.
When using again, press FREE key to dispense the tape a little, cut the tape by the CUT key ,and them, turn the Sensor Switch of the Cutter Unit ON


Model M1000
Power 18W
Cutting Length 20-999mm
Cutting Width 7-50mm
Display 3-digit LED for tape length
Dimensions 137X218X150mm
Weight 3.0kg

Waterun-1000 (2)

Waterun-1000 (7)

Waterun-1000 (6)

Waterun-1000 (4)

Used Warning:
1.Do not operate the machine with wet hands. Do not plug in or unplug the cord with wet hands.
2. Never insert your finger, or any other body part, or any foreign object into the machine.
3. Keep hair or loose clothing away from the machine while it is operating.
4. This machine is intended for industrial use only. Do not allow untrained operators or children to operate the machine.
5. Turn off the power switch and unplug the machine prior to replacing the blade unit or performing any maintenance on the machine.
6. Do not use this manchine for anything other than its specified applications.Use of the machine for any unintended applications can cause injury to the operator or failure of the machine.

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