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Model: S5331R



Robotic soldering machine is mainly used in electronics manufacturing, mainly for reflow soldering, wave soldering and other production equipment.This machine is suitable for difficult process and solder processing. It is especially suitable for welding of mixed circuit boards, heat sensitive components and sensitive devices in SMT back-end process. It is widely used in PCB soldering wire, charger plug soldering and connector welding, DC terminal tinning, LED light strip connection and other fields. Automatic soldering robots replace manual welding to improve work efficiency and improve welding quality.

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Model S5331R
Solder Joint Range X500* Y1/300*Y2/300*Z100mm(XxYxYxZ)
Solder Time 1.0~1.5s/point
Repeat Positioning Accuracy ±0.002mm
Solder Wire Diameter 0.5, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2 (mm)
Air source 0.4-0.6 MPA
Axis           5
Program Capacity 999 files, each file can save up to 999 points
External Dimensions(WxDxH) 820mm x 600mm x 800mm
Weight about 65kgs

Function Introduction:
1. Equipped with SD card (2G), the Teaching Pendant can store several thousand processing files. Each file can support 8000 instructions, which are at your disposal at any time.
2. In terms of hardware, it has 4 gun channel control, 4 lines of general output, 8 lines of input, 12 lines of high-speed pulse output.
3. Each movement command can set independent solder feeding time, solder reverse time, lift height. It’s flexible batch modification function greatly improves the efficiency of editing.
Product List. Teaching Pendant: 1 unit  Movement Controller: 1 set  Data Cable: 1 piece   Extension Cord: 1 piece

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1.Double Y Axis can achieve higher effciency and more convenient operation.
2.The device programming program can be copied from point to point and block to block, which can shorten the programming time.
3.The equipment has the function of automatic cleaning, which can stabilize the quality of solder processing and prolong the service life of soldering iron nozzle.
4.All the multi axis linkage manipulator adopts the precision stepping motor drive and advanced motion control algorithm, which effectively improves the accuracy of motion positioning and repetition.

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