Welding Fume Extraction System Exhaust Fume Extractor For Soldering

Model No.: XS1500-10,XS2000-12
Welding Exhaust fume extractor is design with fire prevention filtering system.The large machine size with powerful suction and big filtering capacity fume extractor is specially for big laser cutting machines, wave soldering oven, reflow soldering oven and Arc Welding Machine etc.

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The fume extraction system highlights features: Fire Prevention Filtering System, Vertical Motor and Air Inlet & Outlet Upward Construction.
Technical Details

Model XS1500-10 XS2000-12
Power 1.1Kw 2.2Kw
Noise <65 dB <70 dB
Systemic Flow 1500 m3/h 2000m3/h
Filter Layer 3 4
Filter Description 1st Layer fire prevention mesh
2nd Layer Square Bellows
3rd Layer Integral sheet metal filter
1st Layer Fire Prevention Mesh
2nd Layer Square Bellows Pocket
3rd Layer H10 Glass Fiber Filter
4th Layer Integral Sheet Metal Filter
Gross Weight 200kg 250kg
Cabinet Dimensions 680 x 585 x 1500mm 800 x 700 x 1645mm
Package Dimensions Body:90 x 70 x 180cm Body:90 x 80 x 185cm
Filtering Efficiency 0.3um 99.97%
Electrical 110V / 220V
Remote Control Not Included
Duct Dimension Diameter 150mm x Length 2 meters
Packing List Main Unit:  1 piece
Power Cord: 1 piece
Tube Kits: 1 set
Operation Instruction: 1 piece
One Set Filters inside machine




1.Air Inlet & Outlet Upward Construction; U-shaped air duct designed for heat dissipation.
2.The internal velocity of the air duct is conducive to settlement of large particles.The sealing plate of fire access can be removed to clean the settling particles.
3.The first-line brand vertical motor, the motor and aluminum shaft connected;Low noise & vibration rate, using volute design to increase flow and negative pressure effect.
4.Double air intakes can be selected according to the working condition: one spare, one connecting pipe; The Installation size of fire access on the right side below is same as the installation size of air inlet.
5.In case of fire inside the equipment, do not open the front door plate, open the plate of fire access, use the nozzle of fire extinguisher point to the fire access, put out fire, so as to avoid more serious safety accidents caused by pressure shock wave generated by opening the front panel.
6.The control board is equipped with an emergency stop main switch.In case of equipment danger, disconnect the main power switch and stop equipment operation.
7.The Printing control panel more beautiful, printing color corrosion resistance, not easy to peel off the paint surface.

SMT Wave Soldering Oven, Reflow Soldering Oven, Soldering Pot, Multi-operators Soldering, Coating Machine,Argo Arc Welding Machine, Laser cutting include:
Laser cutting of metals: tubes, sheet, parts
Laser cutting of plastics: pipe, manufactured parts, sheet - acrylic
Laser cutting of labels: plastic, paper

2000-12 (2)



Additional Information

Available Filter Efficiencies Fire Prevention Layer
Filter out the soot particles with spark,to prevent sparks infiltration equipment
Bellows Pocket
Filter visible over PM5 particles,can be used repeatedly.
Glass Fiber Filte
For particles above 0.3 microns filtering efficiency meet 99.97%.
Integral sheet metal filter
Filter & intercept 0.3 micron particles, absorb toxic and harmful gases and peculiar smell;
Filter Replacement Period XS1500-10
1st Layer fire prevention mesh for repeated use (need regular cleaning)
2nd Layer Square Bellows Pocket suggest replacement period: 2-4 months
3rd Layer Integral sheet metal filter suggest replacement period: 6-8 months
1st Layer Fire Prevention Mesh for repeated use (need regular cleaning)
2nd Layer Square Bellows Pocket suggest replacement period: 2-4 months
3rd Layer H10 Glass Fiber Filter suggest replacement period: 3-6 months
4td Layer Integral Sheet Metal Filter suggest replacement period: 8-12 months

Good Quality
Our products go from design to production to final product. Each working procedure is strictly controlled, we make really effective fume extractors only. The filtering efficiency of our fume extractors has reached the highest standard in the world.

No Production Process No Production Process No Production Process
1 rty
Raw Materials
2 utyuty
Laser Cutting
3 tyutyu
Assembly Parts
4 bcvxbvc
Laser Marking
5 vcghd
6 utyur
Aging Test
7 terter
QA Function Check
8 ytreytr
9 grtert
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